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The Toreke is a complementary currency designed to be earned or used in order to fulfil certain goals. Something that would not be possible with conventional currency, i.e. the Euro.

You earn Torekes:

  • as a micro incentive for individual acts: ranging from getting a façade garden to switching to renewable electricity. The complementary currency functions as any other incentive, emphasising and rewarding behavioural change. Because the emphasis is on little things, a lot of the local residents can participate, even those who are short of cash and are often excluded from other incentive structures.

  • as a volunteers compensation for volunteering on public property, organised by community support groups. This can be cleaning up the square, organising the neighbourhood barbecue or petanque course and lending a hand with maintenance of and around the community gardens and allotments. A lot of activities in public spaces, from playing a game to barbecuing to or gardening, are impossible unless we also mind the safety and tidiness. Here the complementary currency enables the City of Ghent and the local organisations to approve and even reward these civic contributions.

You can only use the Torekes:

  • locally, for basic necessities and taking into account health and durability. Just like stare loyalty cards lure you back to the same shop, Torekes can guide you towards local, healthy and environmentaly friendly consumption. Vegetable stores, bakeries, bicycle repair shops, DIY stores, second hand stores and fair trade products are all available with Torekes.

  • for (urban) amenities that have surplus capacity.

    The Torekes can also be used for public transportation, cinema or stages performances. We want to utilise and leverage this (occasional) surplus capacity.

The Torekes saw the light of day in 2010. We want to show that complementary currency can be used as a policy tool for governments wanting to constrain subsidy use, promote local and renewable consumption of utilise surplus capacity.Het Toreke is een complementaire munt waarbij de wijze om ze te verkrijgen of te besteden afgelijnd is vanuit specifieke doelstellingen. Iets wat niet mogelijk zou zijn met euro’s.