Take part in Ghent Sharing community LETS

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A LETS community is a group of people that agree to share goods and services.

A LETS group is active in Ghent. In order to allow transactions, they use their own complementary currency: the Stropke. Do you want to join then go to the bimonthly LETS café. More information on the site www.letsgent.be

There are already a number of LETS members in the Rabot . If you join, you can trade goods and services with them and other Ghentians in their own currency. You do not need euro's in order to take part in this exchange network.

50 Torekes


Blauwe container / Sociale Kruidenier
Kruispunt Elsstraat en Jozef II-straat / Pannestraat 1
9000 Gent
Te verkrijgen: tuinmateriaal, cinematickets Kinepolis, lijntickets, postzegels, vuilniszakken (geel, 60l), schoolgerief, spaarlampen, voetballen en allerhande!
+32 489 584 014
Opening hours: 
10u-16u / 17u-18u

Contact person

Anissa Boutiebi
+32 489 584 014