Welcome to Torekes!

In the Ghent neighbourhood of Rabot-Blaisantvest we reward local civic contributions towards our neighbours, our neighbourhood or our environment, with our very own currency: the Toreke (designed by Saar De Buysere).

On this website you can find what’s happening in Rabot-Blaisantvest and how you can earn Torekes!

Torekes explained

Step 1

Less rubbish in my street. A flowery facade. More renewable energy. Who could have an issue with that? I can be part of making this pleasant neighbourhood in just a few simple steps.

Step 2

In this neighbourhood we use an innovative approach. We reward positive behaviour with our very own local currency: the Toreke. On this website I can discover what we can do for the environment and for the neighbourhood, and get Torekes for it.

Step 3

The Torekes are valuable! I can use them in neighbourhood shops for healthy and sustainable purchases. All shops that accept Torekes are listed on this website. With the Torekes I can also get gifts at the Torekes counter or pay the rent for my allotment.

Step 4

By contributing to the Torekes-events, we can make this neighbourhood a nicer, cleaner, greener place to live. At the same time we support our neighbourhood shops by using the Torekes locally.

For more information, join us at the Torekes-counter, Wondelgemstraat 73a. We’re open every Thursday from 15.00 till 19.00, or you can make an appointment by calling 0485 177 113



Euro >> Torekes
Koop nu verse zuivelproducten, groenten en fruit  op de boerenmarkt aan... More »

Bread, pastry & sandwiches

Euro >> Torekes
Here you can buy freshly baked bread, pastry and sandwiches with Torekes. More »

Cafetaria Tichelhof

In cafetaria Tichelhof kan je aan sociale prijzen van een warme maaltijd... More »

Chocolates and sugarbeans

Euro >> Torekes
You can also get chocolates with the Torekes. More »

Eatery Toreke

Euro >> Torekes
At the Toreke you can enjoy a nice soup or daily special using Torekes. More... More »

Fair Trade products

Euro >> Torekes
Every first Friday of the month from 19.00 till 20.00 you can buy fair trade... More »

Fresh Bread and Pastry

Euro >> Torekes
You can buy oven-fresh bread with Torekes. More »

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Euro >> Torekes
Buy fresh fruit and vegetables and pay with Torekes. More »

Meeting area Rabot Towers

Euro >> Torekes
You can use the Torekes to pay in the meeting area of the Rabot Towers.  More »

Soup and Bread

At the CAW centre de Pannestraat you can get a nice warm bowl of soup, and pay... More »

Movie ticket

82 Torekes per item
You can but tickets to all three major cinemas in Ghent at a discount with... More »

Tickets for a show at Kopergietery

Euro >> Torekes
Children, teenagers and familieis can enjoy a show at Kopergietery Rabot.More... More »

Second hand clothing

Euro >> Torekes
Second hand clothing and household supplies. More »

T-shirt (50) / Sweater (100) DeSite

0 Torekes
Exclusive DeSite clothing, only available in our neighbourhood with Torekes. More »

A real football or basketball

100 Torekes per item
You can buy a high quality football or basketball using the Torekes! More »
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