New ideas

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Perhaps you think: switching to renewable energy is rewarded with Torekes, but installing solar panels on roof isn’t? If there are there any actions, activities or behavioural changes that you or your neighbours would like to see rewarded with Torekes, please contact us. This can be done via the Torekesloket or by sending an email to (Tel: +32 490 41 31 39). Your idea will be presented to a panel of board members and local residents. They will decide whether the idea will be included in the system.

To qualify an action, activity or conduct instruction must meet at least the following criteria:

  • it contributes to a greener, cleaner, safer or more enjoyable Rabot-Blaisantvest
  • they will potentially benefit everyone in the neighbourhood
  • preferably, activities take place in the public domain, for instance the streets, parks or squares
  • In the case of volunteering it is about work that needs a little nudge in order to be done